Who is TVOS?

The company T-OHG VOS is a technical on-site service, which is an independent service provider in the field of
inspection of property and liability losses in Germany and throughout Europe.

Who can request TVOS?
A review of cases of damage can be charged both by an insurance company as well as a private person.
A commission by the insurance can be made ​​via our online form, by fax or by email.
Individuals are kindly requested to contact us by phone or via the contact form.

What we need in case of assignment?

We need
- a detailed description of the damage,
- Acquisition invoices or supporting documents (if still available),
- Cost estimates (if already available) &
- Type designation and/or photos of the damaged equipment or devices.

How much is the assignment?

The billing of the check is fixed leaning to the tested device number.
For private persons cost information in advance can be obtained via the contact form.
As insurers, we can provide you with our Charges Detail prepared on request via the contact by email.


My insurance has commissioned the company T-OHG VOS with a review of the damage event.
What is the cost to me by the company of T-OHG VOS?

The review of the damage event by the company T-VOS OHG for the policyholder / claimant is free of charge.
The costs will be billed to the insurance company.

My insurance company told me that my device (s) must be checked. However,
I can not take time off work to me.
What are my options?

1) You can ask neighbors, friends or relatives during the examination to be there.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! In this case, the person present during the test must be at least 18 years old.
Our technicians not enter a house or apartment in which a minor without adult is alone.

2) After consultation with the insurance company and its release, the damaged goods can be sent
free of charge for laboratory testing (certificate of shipment will sent to you by us).
Bulky goods (eg washing machines, refrigerators, etc.) are also possible, but for cost reasons,
only in exceptional cases.

There was a review for me by an expert from the company T-VOS, as we go from here?

After the test, the following operations are still run through:
1. report creation
2. repair cost & replacement cost determination
3. Test report delivery to the agent of the insurance within the next 3 working days
4. After transmission of the reports the agent will contact you shortly.

Can I dispose of my devices after testing or repair it?

The company T-VOS OHG only checks the damaged equipment.
A repair or disposal release may be granted either by the examiner or by the local staff of our disposition,
it is up to the clerk
The company T-OHG VOS accepts no liability for you after the review by arbitrarily incurred repair
or disposal of the equipment.

Which education have your experts?

All our experts have completed vocational training in electronics or electrical engineering.
Furthermore, our experts are always kept by continuous and regular training on the latest technology.

We hope that we were able to answer your questions in advance. However, if you have any questions for us,
that have not been dealt with in the FAQ, please feel free to contact us via the contact form
and we will endeavor to answer your questions.

Please note that we are not allowed to give informations on completed cases of damage (e.g. height adjustment, rejection, etc.)
without the release of the insurance. For this, we would ask you to contact your agent.